The Malta Experience & National War Museum (Fort St Elmo)

Constructed in 1552, by military engineer Pietro Prato, this star -shaped fort protected the island during the Ottomans’ forces, who besieged Malta in 1565 and played an important role in the defence of Malta during the Second World War.

Visitors at the Fort St Elmo can experience the impressive grounds of the fort, including the splendid architecture of the two chapels dedicated to St Anne. The National War Museum is divided into six sections and covers 7,000 years of Maltese Military History from the Bronze Age until Malta’s accession in the EU. Notable artefacts include military armour of the Order of St John and the Ottoman Turks. However, the Second World War is the most represented conflict in the museum, with Malta’s award for gallantrythe George Cross, on display.

The Malta Experience & Palazzo Parisio

With its breath-taking interior and manicured Italianate gardens, 18th century Palazzo Parisio is one of Malta’s most spectacular private houses.

Palazzo Parisio is considered as one of Malta’s most beautiful and desirable destinations for luxury and style. Under the direction of Baroness Justine Pergola, it is famous not only for its stunning gardens and beautiful rooms but for the innovation, unique delivery and highly professional standards that make the Palazzo a world class destination in Malta and beyond.

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